Electric Bikes, Recipes, Kentucky Derby, Bucking Horse Sale & Field Updates

1 May by admin

Electric Bikes, Recipes, Kentucky Derby, Bucking Horse Sale & Field Updates

The Bend – Season 2 – Episode 26

Have you heard about or seen the latest mode of transportation geared for us outdoor enthusiasts? We talk about e-bikes otherwise known as electric bicycles.  We spotlight the Kentucky Derby and Miles City Bucking Horse Sale plus share an easy beef recipe that won’t break the bank! All that and more on this episode of The Bend Radio Show!

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“The Bend Radio Show” blends the Rural Lifestyle with the Outdoors making for an entertaining show. Topics focus on those interests we have “after the work is done”. Traveling, gardening, hunting, fishing, camping, product reviews, DIY projects and cooking/recipe ideas for all to try.

Rebecca Wanner, aka BEC, and Jeff Erhardt, or “Tigger”, are known across the country as advocates of agriculture and conservation as well as entertainers. Their relatable and engaging styles keep audiences captivated and wondering what will happen next. Tigger is a professional rodeo announcer, a keynote speaker, communications consultant and rancher while BEC is a rancher, outdoorsman, radio host, public speaker and consultant.

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