Radio Show and Podcast

“The Bend” is an all-new outdoor adventure show, which will dive into the stories of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, cooking and anything that has to do with the outdoors and the back trails. Guests share their stories about success, failure, and the one that got away. Hear not just about gear, but more about what makes the outdoors relatable to everyone! The host, Rebecca Wanner or “BEC”, has been an outdoor enthusiast her entire life. Her family operated a working guest ranch for many years along with a cattle ranch to this very day. She has trekked the globe far and wide in search of the next adventure and story to tell! She is an avid hunter, hiker, sportsman, and marksman with a specific passion for just spending quality time in nature with her family! TUNE IN!


“The Bend” is owned, created, developed, and produced by West River Strategies LLC.West River Strategies LLC is a marketing, promotion and communications company. They provide broadcast and entertainment programs through local, regional and national channels, along with professional speaking services and communications consulting.