Unlock the wonders of America’s Beauty! Join us as we explore hidden gems and offer tips on making the most of visiting Parks and Historical Monuments. Important camping dates to book now. Plus learn about Revolutionizing Agriculture: The Journey from Corn Fields to Mars. Join hosts Rebecca Wanner aka ‘BEC’ and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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National Park Week is a celebration of America’s natural treasures, and there’s no better time to immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of these pristine landscapes. The week focusing on the USA National Parks can be a great reason to get the planning and excitement around visiting parks all year long regardless if solo or sharing with others. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a first-time visitor, here are five ways to enhance your National Park experience and make lasting memories.

5 Ways to Make the Most of A Park Visit

  1. Discover Hidden Gems: Every National Park is filled with hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered. Before your visit, take some time to research the park you’ll be exploring. Look for lesser-known trails, scenic viewpoints, or unique activities that will make your experience unforgettable. Whether it’s a secluded waterfall, a historic landmark, or a rare species of wildlife, there’s always something new to discover in our National Parks.

  2. Volunteer or Practice Conservation: Give back to the parks that give us so much by volunteering your time and energy. Many National Parks offer volunteer opportunities for individuals or groups looking to make a difference. Whether you’re helping with trail maintenance, participating in a beach cleanup, or assisting with wildlife monitoring, your efforts will contribute to the preservation of these precious landscapes for future generations to enjoy.

  3. Embrace Innovation and History: National Parks are not only showcases of natural beauty but also repositories of history and innovation. Take some time to learn about the innovative projects that were undertaken when the park was established and how they have shaped the landscape we see today. From the construction of iconic landmarks to the implementation of sustainable practices, these stories of innovation will deepen your appreciation for these incredible places.

  4. Engage the Next Generation: Inspire a love of nature and conservation in the next generation by involving youth in your National Park adventures. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or mentor, create an action plan to engage young people in learning about the importance of preserving our natural heritage. Plan activities like nature hikes, wildlife spotting, or educational programs to help them connect with the outdoors and become stewards of the land.

  5. Capture Memories Through Art: National Parks have long been a source of inspiration for artists of all kinds. Take advantage of this creative muse by honing your artistic skills during your visit. Whether you’re a painter, photographer, or poet, let the beauty of the park inspire your work. Experiment with different mediums, from watercolors to digital photography, and capture the essence of the landscape in your own unique way. Just remember to respect wildlife and keep a safe distance, especially during sensitive times like mating season.

By embracing these tips, you can make the most of National Park Week and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime whenever visiting a park or historical location on your next adventure. So pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and get ready to explore the wonders of America’s National Parks!

REVOLUTIONISING AGRICULTURE: The Journey from Corn Fields to Mars

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Groundbreaking Initiative

Revolutionizing Agriculture with this groundbreaking initiative at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is aiming to cultivate the “first acre of corn on Mars’ soil.” Discover how insights from growing food in space could revolutionize Earthbound farming techniques, shaping the future of agriculture.

Goals of the SPACE² Initiative

  • Vision to cultivate the “first acre of corn on Mars’ soil” and its implications for agricultural sciences.

  • Objective to support astronauts during space travel and pioneer life-support systems beyond Earth.

  • Exploration of space-agriculture research’s potential impact on climate change mitigation and enhancing plant resilience on Earth.

  • Connection between interplanetary research and advancements in LED technology for sustainable farming practices.

  • Promise of ongoing research on extraterrestrial soil conditions to drive innovations in agriculture.

  • Collaboration between space exploration and agricultural sciences to address global food security challenges.

  • Overall goal: shaping the future of agriculture through pioneering research and innovation.


Right now we are in Tulip season across two continents. If you appreciate tulips as one of the first fresh cut flowers to clip to just seeing them as the first signs of spring; seeing fields of these beauties is a must.


Holland, Michigan holds one of the best Tulip Festivals in the nation. Expect to see fields of gorgeous tulips in many varieties. Within the fields there is a tribute to the Dutch lifestyle with the famous windmills similar to the ones found in the Netherlands. 


Amsterdam, Netherlands in Europe. The fields are massive and of every color imaginable. Then as you stroll the streets of this historic dutch capital city, the street vendors welcome you on every turn with flowers, seeds and art ready to purchase. Taking a tour of the area is a must!

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