April outdoor adventures! Top 5 Things To Do in the Outdoors now: hike through blooming trails, snap photos of nature, fly kites, visit greenhouses, and bike amidst the beauty. Plus, master gas griddle BBQ tips and learn 5 Easy Steps to Seasoning a gas BBQ griddle! Join hosts Rebecca Wanner aka ‘BEC’ and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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  1. Take A Hike: Weather is warmer now and the first flowers of spring are blooming, go alone or with the family and explore a local nature trail.

  2. Photograph Nature: From signs of spring to new baby animals to summer birds arriving daily; Nature Photography is a fun way to share the excitement of spring. With almost all carrying a cellphone, your camera is already in your pocket – now use it to capture life.

  3. Windy? Fly A Kite: When is the last time you flew a kite, or have your children ever gotten the chance. April tends to have a few windy days so buy a kite for some fun.

  4. Visit a Greenhouse or Botanical Garden: Once the weather warms, we all get the itch to be outside. On the days not so nice, take a stroll through a local greenhouse or botanical garden to become inspired on what your gardening plans might look like. A great way to educate yourself on the various plants that will thrive in your climate zone.

  5. Enjoy A Bike Ride: Get the bicycle out, air up the tires and hit the trail or road. The weather is perfect for a sweatshirt or light jacket plus the addition of seeing nature along the way makes for a perfect biking combination… just don’t forget the helmet!


Grilling in the bbq world or using a smoker has been a long lasting tradition when it comes to the outdoors. If you haven’t purchased a griddle to try, you might realize you are missing out. We jumped on the bandwagon of adding the outdoor propane griddle a few years back. As a result of the diversity, we now own two in different sizes. 

  • The first purchase was a 4 burner propane gas Pit Boss Griddle. We chose this one for the front grease cleanout location as where the griddle stays on our cabin deck, that is more accessible.

  • The second purchase was a 17” propane gas Blackstone Griddle. After realizing how easy it was to cook all our meals on the larger version, we opted for a more compact one to take along camping, going to the lake or for picnics.

CONS OF BBQING: Regardless if it is a Griddle, Grill or Smoker; we have learned the same issue applies and that is providing an area with minimal wind. Now there are “windshields” one can make or build, but we have had to watch the wind regardless when using any of these. NOTE: Do not use a griddle, grill or smoker inside of buildings.


Once purchasing a griddle, before use it is an ABSOLUTE MUST that one reads the manufacturer’s booklet regarding the Preparation, Seasoning and Maintenance of the griddle to ensure the longevity of the cooking top but also so that food doesn’t stick and tastes desirable.

5 Easy Steps To Season A Gas Griddle BBQ

  1. Rust Removal: New or Old moisture may collect on the cooking surface causing a patch of rust or a rough spot. Scrub away any rust or rough spots using a Scotch Brite pad.

  2. Clean Griddle: If the griddle is new from the factory, it may come with a thin oil coating. To clean us a small amount of mild dish soap in warm water to remove the factory coating. Proceed to also wipe off everything else after use with a clean damp cloth.

  3. Seasoning A Griddle: A griddle must be seasoned before use. First turn all burners on high heat, allowing for the griddle cooking surface to begin changing color. Using high smoke point cooking oil like flaxseed, drizzle it all over the surface. Careful it is HOT. Have ready a pair of tongs or heat-resistant gloves, take a lint-free cloth as the goal is to evenly wipe or coat the entire cooking surface including the tight corners as well as the outside of the griddle surface.

  4. Wait and Repeat 3x: This is a slow process, and needs to be repeated a minimum of three times. The oil will start to smoke with the burners being on High. Wait until you see that the smoke has stopped. Drizzle and wipe another coating of oil thoroughly. Repeat the process until there have been at least 3 applications. READ YOUR GRIDDLE SEASONING INSTRUCTIONS.

  1. Coat To Protect: Once the initial oil seasoning is complete, turn the burners off so that the surface may cool to where it is warm to the touch. Using a lint free cloth, begin wiping a sealing product such as BuzzyWaxx (beeswax). Bacon Up – Bacon Grease, or manufacturer’s of griddles offer their own products. A thin coat is all that is needed, just make sure you reach all the corners.

After completing these 5 simple steps, your griddle is ready for breakfast, lunch or dinner! So now start slinging some hash, becoming your own hibachi backyard grill or even try baking cookies – ENJOY!

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