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Rattlesnakes exhibit various behaviors influenced by their habitat and surroundings. Learning about their habits can significantly reduce the risk of an encounter turning into a dangerous situation. Understanding snake behavior & habitat is crucial for staying safe.

In recent years, it has been documented that not all rattlesnakes’ tails rattles. This has been discovered in rattlesnakes in both South Dakota’s Badlands and in California. Know your snakes before venturing outdoors!

Immediate Actions In Case of a Bite

In the event of a rattlesnake bite, swift action is vital. The best defense is to have a set of car keys and a designated driver on hand. Calling 911 for an ambulance or Life Flight while en route to the hospital is essential to minimize delays in treatment.

Prompt medical attention is critical to counteract the venom’s effects. Stress and anxiety can exacerbate symptoms, so keeping the victim calm is paramount during transit to medical facilities.

Access to Antivenom & Treatment Protocol

Antivenom, such as CROFAB, is available in various medical facilities across the region. Understanding the availability and administration of antivenom can significantly improve outcomes for snakebite victims.

Knowing where antivenom is stocked and how to administer it can be life-saving. Hospitals can prepare the antivenom in advance, reducing treatment delays upon the victim’s arrival.

Educating oneself about rattlesnake behavior, proper emergency response procedures, and access to medical treatment are crucial for minimizing the risks associated with snakebites. By staying informed and prepared, individuals can navigate outdoor environments safely and confidently.


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Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt & Rebecca ‘BEC’ Wanner are News Broadcasters that represent the Working Ranch world, Rodeo, and the Western Way of Life as well as advocate for the Outdoors and Wildlife Conservation.

Outdoorsmen themselves, this duo strives to provide the hunter, adventurer, cowboy, cowgirl, rancher and/or successful farmer, and anyone interested in agriculture with the knowledge, education, and tools needed to bring high-quality beef and the wild game harvested to your table for dinner. They understand the importance in sharing meals with family, cooking the fruits of our labor and fish from our adventures, and learning to understand the importance of making memories in the outdoors. Appreciate God’s Country.

United together, this duo offers a glimpse into and speaks about what life truly is like at the end of dirt roads and off the beaten path.

Tigger & BEC look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions and sharing in the journey of making your life a success story. Adventure Awaits Around The Bend.

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