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Now that you’ve harvested that trophy, it’s time to make it a true work of art. We hear from a Master Taxidermist about the do’s and don’ts for prepping yours. We Spotlight a fishing team that set records eliminating an invasive species in the Florida Keys, and have the latest outdoor news. Catch Bec if you can on this episode of The Bend!


Viewed as an Art Form, Taxidermy is the preservation of an animal’s body via stuffing or most commonly known as “mounting” for the purpose of display or to study. The talent required to keep the animal’s appearance, dignity and real-life look takes special artistic skills in order to turn a display into a “Work of Art”.


Meet Bodie Schneider, the owner of Schneider Taxidermy in Helena, Montana who has been creating custom-designed taxidermy mounts since 2000. He has won numerous awards and is nationally recognized as a Master Taxidermist. From North American Big Game to Exotic mounts such as lions, zebras and more; Bodie Schneider creates works of art to disply and become generational heirlooms. These animals are displayed with their wild dignity intact and majesticness. 

Guest: Bodie Schneider, Schneider Taxidermy

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Tigger & BEC are News Broadcasters that represent the Working Ranch world, Rodeo, and the Western Way of Life as well as advocate for the Outdoors and Wildlife Conservation.
Outdoorsmen themselves, this duo strives to provide the hunter, adventurer, cowboy, cowgirl, rancher and/or successful farmer with the knowledge, education, and tools needed to bring high-quality beef and the wild game harvested to your table for dinner. They understand the importance in sharing meals with family, cooking the fruits of our labor and fish from our adventures, and learning to understand the importance of making memories in the outdoors. Appreciate God’s Country.

United together, this duo offers a glimpse into and speaks about what life truly is like at the end of dirt roads and off the beaten path.

Tigger & BEC look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions and sharing in the journey of making your life a success story. Adventure Awaits Around The Bend.

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