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Hear stories of how someone just like you pushed their limits and went outside (literally and figuratively) their comfort zone! Guests share their stories about success, failure, and the hobbies they have found just around The Bend! What have you found around The Bend?

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Meet the Host of The Bend Radio Show…BEC Wanner

One of the most recognized voices in radio! She inspires us into joyous action!

Host Rebecca Wanner aka “BEC” is just your average girl who loves the outdoors.

Scratch that.
She is NOT just your average girl. BEC is a cancer survivor and was once a young widow.

Even though life hasn’t always been kind to her, she is one of the most positive people you have ever met. She never says “no” to learning about something new or interesting and she is your BIGGEST cheerleader! As you listen to The Bend, BEC will dive into the stories of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, cooking, and anything and everything that has to do with the outdoors and the back trails. She will also share stories of others who have pushed the limits, gone outside their comfort zones, and found a new passion!

BEC is focused on you being your best self and ignoring the worldly persona. Instead, she encourages you to find joy in all you do and inspires you to your greater purpose!

Tigger & BEC

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Listen in as guests share their stories about success, failure, and the one that got away. The host, Rebecca Wanner or “BEC”, has been an outdoor enthusiast her entire life. She has trekked the globe far and wide in search of the next adventure and story to tell!

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Bec is a rancher, outdoorsman, radio host, and consultant! Tigger, her partner, is a professional rodeo announcer, keynote speaker, consultant, and rancher.  Together, their relatable and engaging styles keep audiences captivated and wondering what will happen next!

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Words From Our Listeners

We have listeners from all of the United States, and we are grateful for them listening in each week!

 “..highlights so many of these hidden treasures.”

Bec is fun to listen to! I’d love to have the opportunity to meet her in person. To hear of others successes is wonderful and educational!!! There is so much more to the outdoors than what is in your local regions, and she highlights so many of these hidden treasures. Her love and promotion of small businesses is wonderful.” -Heather

“Amazing show!”

 “Amazing show! Best podcast out there! Never miss it! I recommend it to everyone who loves the outdoors!-JW

“10 Stars”

“10 Stars! Great Show and great People

“Never listened to a show until The Bend.”

 “Never listened to a show until The Bend. My drives to work every Sunday night start with The Bend. Full of adventure, advice, and wonderful outdoor conversation. There is not an episode you won’t enjoy. The Bend is for everyone. BEC does such an amazing job covering the outdoor lifestyle that so many of us enjoy. From hiking and hunting to Ranch life and everything in between BEC has it covered.” -Chantae

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