Pheasant Hunting! Learn what to do and not to do with any game birds you may want a taxidermist to mount. Have news of a fatal grizzly attack, details are reported and we have important information before heading into the wilderness. This is Rebecca Wanner aka ‘BEC’ and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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Pheasant season is here! This is a pastime that we greatly enjoy as we annually take time to host family and friends which is really all about the kids! That is probably why we love  Pheasant Hunting so much. With proper firearm safety, upland bird hunting is a thrilling activity that is by far one of the most rewarding when watching youth take down their first bird or an older member taking part too. It is a lifelong hunting sport. Whether using a .410, 20 gauge or 12 gauge shotgun; upland bird hunting fits the whole crew!




For many across the United States, hunting for alligators in Arkansas may not have crossed one’s mind. As it turns out, since 2007 alligator hunting has been growing as both a recreational activity as well as a way to keep the species from becoming invasive in the state. This year the alligator season spanned over two the last two weekends of September. The harvest broke previous records of tagged alligators, with 202 alligators harvested. According to Outdoor Life, the alligator Arkansas population statewide is hoovering around 3,000 animals.


Last week we reported on a scary, near-death grizzly attack near Yellowstone National Park in the Custer Gallatin National Forest. We are saddened to report that another grizzly attack happened last weekend, this one resulting in two fatalities and the loss of a dog.


According to Outdoor Life, Parks Canada officials were notified on September 29th at 8 p.m. by an emergency alert from a Garmin inReach device. The GSP alert came from within the Banff National Park in a remote area in the Red Deer River Valley. Immediately a first responders unit mobilized, however, weather conditions prevented a helicopter from flying in and the response team traveled on foot to the GPS coordinates, arriving at the scene of a double fatal grizzly attack at 1 a.m.

The first responders found two deceased individuals and their deceased dog. Also still lurking nearby the first responders encountered a grizzly bear displaying aggressive behavior, which was euthanized on site.


This is a chilling story, that no one ever wants to share. A family member of the hikers did tell CBC News that the hikers had wilderness experience, lived for being in the backcountry, and “knew the bear protocol and followed it to a tee.”

The same family member also explained that the two hikers had sent them an inReach message at 5 p.m. that evening letting the family know that they had made camp for the night. Meaning that the victims were not traveling in the woods after dark or setting up camp when the grizzly bear attacked.

A full investigation is underway as this now marks the second fatal grizzly attack in North America in 2023.


  • Carry bear spray. MUST practice to be prepared to use it immediately.
  • Keep a close eye out for bear signs. Be cautious near creeks or any areas with limited visibility.
  • ELK CALLS & COVER SCENTS: Be aware they can/or will attract bears.
  • Big Game is Heavy. Bring people and equipment needed to help field dress game in order to remove the meat from the kill site as soon as possible. Time is NOT on your side.
  • Leaving Meat Behind. If part of the meat must be left in the field for later retrieval, hang it in a tree at least 10 feet off the ground AND at least 150 yards from the gut pile. Leave in an area where it can be observed from a distance of at least 200 yards.
  • Before returning, observe the hanging meat with binoculars. Do NOT approach any area in question of having been disturbed or see signs of a bear in the area. Notify local FWP.
  • ALWAYS check with local FWP before heading into the Backcountry Wilderness of current bear activity, advise a trusted family or friend of the approximate hunting/hiking location, and campsite, and recommend wearing an SOS tracking device such as trusted units by AtlasTrax or Garmin inReach.

Feature: Rick Acker, Award-Winning Taxidermist

Roughrider Game Birds

The Do, The Do NOT For A Beautiful Game Bird Mount
  • Upland birds taken early in the season do not make great mounts do to the fragile pin feathers. The pin feathers after skinning on early birds will typically fall out.
  • Best time to harvest a Pheasant for mounting is in November & December.
  • Do NOT ring the neck of pheasant roosters as this will stretch out the neck.
  • Cool the pheasant immediately, recommend having a cooler along to transport the bird until proper freezing.
  • Do not place a game bird in pantyhose, this will dry out the bird.
  • Double bag any game bird, removing as much air as possible, before placing in the freezer. This will keep the bird from drying out until received by a taxidermist.
During a memorial catfish tournament, a MONSTER 104lb catfish was caught and landed off a kayak. 
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Before filling that freezer with new game meat, use up what you have! Or start gathering delicious recipes to give a try! Here is a proven recipe from the National Turkey Federation that Heather Krohe and her family has given a Thumbs Up.
AND here’s another great Wild Turkey Tender Recipe Too! WATCH
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