Have you had failures cooking Wild Game to tougher Beef cuts even Fish for family and friends? Don’t give up! Learn how to improve your cooking skills, and save dollars by serving up what you have in your freezer to even the nay-sayers of wild game. This is Rebecca Wanner aka ‘BEC’ and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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COLORADO, Press Release – Monday, December, 18th, 2023, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) experts released five gray wolves onto public land in Grand County in a historic effort to create a permanent, self-sustaining wolf population and fulfill voter approval to re-establish gray wolves in Colorado.

The gray wolves were captured in Oregon where CPW veterinarians and biologists evaluated them to determine if they were fit for relocation to Colorado. Criteria for release included the age, sex, health, and body condition of each animal. 

Each gray wolf was weighed and measured. Staff collected genetic material – tissue and blood samples – before fitting each with a GPS satellite collar for tracking upon release by CPW staff. Then, the wolves were given vaccines and were placed in crates, and flown to Colorado for release back into the wild.

CPW will repeat the process until at least 10 – 15 wolves have been reintroduced in Colorado by mid-March 2024. As outlined in the Colorado Wolf Restoration and Management Plan, CPW hopes to release 30 to 50 wolves over the next 3 – 5 years using wolves captured from nearby northern Rockies states from several different packs by trapping and darting them in the winter.

Gray wolves are listed both state and federally as an endangered species in Colorado by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Colorado Ranchers and Livestock owners have been against the reintroduction of wolves into the state. According to Ambrock Research – Other states, like New Mexico and Oregon, also have reimbursement programs. But California’s program is the only one in the nation that covers ranches for all three types of reimbursement: direct loss, indirect loss, and the use of non-lethal wolf deterrents. A close eye will be kept to see how Colorado proceeds to compensate livelihoods that may be affected by the introduction of wolves. 

According to the Denver Gazette, when looking at its neighboring state Wyoming, most Wyoming wolves are designated as predators that can be shot on sight without a hunting license or permit except in the northwest part of the state, which has been designated as a trophy hunting area for wolves. The video of the first five wolves released into Colorado is below.

Practice Makes Perfect: Mastering Cooking Skills for Wild Game, Tougher Beef Cuts and Fish. Learn to cook comfortably to repeat success.

Hopefully, many of you have been able to get out and enjoy the outdoors this last year. Take in hikes to fishing to harvesting wild game such as deer to elk to pheasant to goose for example. As you’ve cruised the grocery store meat sections the last few months, am sure many experienced what we did. The price of items such as turkey did not drop as usual Sale Promotions occurred, instead, they increased higher. We saw whole Turkeys in our area priced from $0.98 to upwards of $1.28 right before the holidays.

Thankfully we have been having a milder winter, meaning more open ground… no blizzards yet, fingers crossed, that have led to us and many of our friends and family getting in more Outdoors action in the field hunting. We are expecting as a result to be enjoying more game meats such as venison and upland game birds, maybe goose instead of a turkey unless one did fill their wild turkey tags. This is great news in our minds! We are thankful every year for our freezers here to be filled with such as well as with ranch-raised beef. 

So often we hear that one enjoyed the harvest of their wild game or fish, but then express how other family members hesitate to eat those meats or fish. Often stating “too gamey” is the biggest complaint or “too tough” on less desirable, cheaper cuts of beef. Well here’s the simple two cents of it all, or at least BEC’s two cents. 
Don’t give up!! Thanks to search engine sources like Google or even AI (for example: ChatGPT, if you dare to try) have opened up doors for us all to change how we look at our food, the food preparation, and how to better serve these meats. 

As in everything in life, almost all skills take practice. So just because a roast turned out bad once, doesn’t mean it always will! Give it another try. If you’ve never owned an Instant Pot for example, that was a “Game Changer” for BEC when it came to all of the meats especially known to be harder to chew, and have more fat, especially the gristle fat. 

  1. Meats: Marinade! Learn how to use the combination of prepared store-bought marinades to then the science behind making your own!

  2. Fish: Lemon goes a long way! Rinse that fish, multiple times, and then if a stronger smell remains let the fish sit a bit in lemon juice. Pat dry before frying to get all the water off and season to your liking. Lately, BEC has been adding a dash of soy sauce while putting it on the Pit Boss Griddle or Blackstone Gridle along with a dash of pepper… YUMMY!

Field Report: Heather Krohe, Little Rack Taxidermy, offers a detailed update on the Illinois 2023 hunting season wrap-up and those interested in a January Youth 2024 goose hunt need to register now, before the December 31st, 2023 deadline. Click HERE for more information.
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