Are the flies bugging your dogs and horses? We hear this veterinarian’s take on fly control and prevention. Dig into Big Game hunting applications and tag understanding of a Lottery Tag versus Over the Counter Tag. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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Unsuccessful big game hunting lottery draws again for us, Tigger & BEC. As luck would have it for the second year in a row, neither of us will be Antelope hunting in 2023. Just scouting and hunting with the camera.

Big Game Hunting is about to get underway. Depending on your state. For example, if in the eastern part of the country where whitetail may be more plentiful such as Missouri. Units, tags, there may be no reason to apply and just buy over the counter.

However big game the further west you travel, often the more tricky it becomes. Every state regardless of its Big Game population varies on regulations and these change from year to year. A lottery just to simplify further is as it sounds. Say for example in a particular unit there are 100 resident bull elk tags offered and a thousand resident hunters apply. The success of drawing a tag is 10 percent. 

Some states in an attempt to even up the lottery may offer “Bonus Points” or “Preference Points”. Now our explanation is just a general explanation. Again EVERY STATE IS DIFFERENT so this is just an attempt to simplify understanding the basics. If you were unsuccessful in winning a lottery tag then next year at application time you would get your name entered in with your current application and then again as many times as you’ve earned “Points” for past attempts at winning at tag. This can be done for a multitude of species and for both residents and non-residents. Again, all rules, laws, and regulations are dependent upon the state. 



    According to Saama TV, doctors are warning people not to use their phones while sitting on the toilet. YouGov revealed in a recent study that 57% of people while sitting on the toilet, use their phone. How does the medical field feel about phone usage while on the toilet? 

    Doctors are not in favor of using your phone while on the toilet, and it’s not totally for the reasons you make think… meaning unsanitary. The warning is that long periods of time on the phone while sitting on the toilet can lead to painful and enormous hemorrhoids due to the straining and pressure. Not a fun topic or picture to think of while we bring this up, but there ya have it. Keep those phones for calling/texting family and friends and snapping those memorable moments… and OUT of the bathroom!


    There have been recent headlines coming out of Kansas already warning of Tarantula Season is almost upon us in September. I had never heard of this or REALIZED that tarantula’s where common in Kansas and Colorado. According to KAKE News, these tarantula spiders can be so thick along roadways and highways near Medicine Lodge in September on can actually hear their body crunching under tires!! UGH!

    The Texas Brown Tarantula has a leg span of about 4 to 5 inches and is considered to be the largest spider in Texas.


We have been battling flies (Fly – Order: Diptera; Phylum: Arthropoda) around the ranch. They have become worse at bothering the dogs, especially flies chewing on the dogs’ ears. Then also the horses seem to have no relief and now are covered with fly eggs. This spurred BEC into researching alternative uses for fly control. A popular one that we were familiar with, and already use, is garlic in our supplements for cattle. With that in mind, BEC learned about using ‘garlic for horses’. That then led to the question, ‘Can garlic be used for dogs?’ Tigger took the reins and contacted veterinarian, Dr. Margo Kunz from Missouri Valley Vet for the answers.
Happy we asked! We learned garlic is NOT for dogs, and to not worry about the yellow fly eggs on the horses either as those will fall off. Hear this GREAT interview! And the other big takeaway is to TALK TO YOUR VETERINARIAN, keep the communication open between you and the professionals so that you are aware of any symptoms or concerns before they become serious.
Feature Guest: Dr. Margo Kunz, DVM at Missouri Valley Vet


Did you know that WD-40 is more than just a product we keep around the ranch for those that seem to be rusted bolts from decades past? More than just loosening a lug nut. YES, there are WD-40 household and garden uses, let’s see how many of them You Know..

  • Bug Repellent: Use it around your home’s windows, doorways to create an invisible shield. Spiders Be Gone when using WD-40

  • Clean Crayon Markers on Walls

  • Bathroom Cleaner

  • Keep Garden Tools Rust Free

  • Remove Sticker & Label Residue

  • Shine Patio Furniture

***Disclaimer: WD-40 is not safe for pets. If you find your pet licking, ingesting the product contact your veterinarian immediately to verify symptoms and the health of your pet.



Here to help ya’ll out in the love department as we get closer to hunting and cooling temps making us all maybe want someone close to cuddle or snuggle with… Here are some of the funniest pickup lines that crossed BEC’s path… SO more or less, gonna tell you now… She wouldn’t use them! 

  • “I bet your daddy was a Beaver? Because DAM…. You look good.”

  • “Do you have a Map? Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes.”

  • “Have a Band-Aid? Apparently, I scraped my knee falling for you.”

  • “Did you travel here by time machine? I had to ask because you look like someone I want in my future.”




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