National Headlines this week had all eyes on the hunter, Carson Wentz, the NFL Quarterback. We discuss the support from the Outdoors World. And Are you packed, loaded, and heading out for the Fourth of July? We are! Pro Fishing Tips are given plus a HOT rocking cooking trend that you will definitely want to give a try. This is Rebecca Wanner aka ‘BEC’ and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Show, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle
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Deer lottery and Elk or other big game lottery results are being announced. How have you faired in your state? Many states cut back on their license numbers for the big game tags due to the long winter this last year. Tigger & BEC were both surprisingly successful. Both Tigger & BEC were drawn for “any antlered buck tags” in their state. Having resident rifle buck tags means that they now are able to harvest either a mule deer buck or a whitetail buck. Were you successful? Have you noticed a drop in tags available for big game in your state? Big Game is considered such as deer, elk, moose, bear, and big horn sheep just to name a few.


Age is ONLY a number. Today we spotlight one woman that’s not spending her days bored sitting around the retirement home. 84-year-old Kim Knor of Grand Haven, Michigan spends her days skydiving instead. You heard right, Sky Diving. Kim Emmons Knor knew she wanted to skydive after her uncle brought home a military parachute from World War II. 


After forging her parents’ signatures, Kim Emmons Knor made her first jump back in 1959. She then sold all her possessions and bought a Eurail Pass and an open-ended plane ticket so she could travel as a “Parachute Enthusiast”, visiting 21 countries. Kim Emmons Knor was one of only two women to compete against men in the 1961 Team Tryouts at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and in 1962 made history as a member of the first U.S Women’s Parachute Team and they won Gold! 


She has been inducted into the International Sky Diving Hall of Fame and Her long-time goal is to complete 1,000 skydives, currently, Kim Emmons Knor has 400 skydives to go to reach that goal! And last weekend, she completed 3 skydives! Can you imagine, 600 skydives completed? NOW that is pushing the limits and still doing so at 84 years of age! You’re an inspiration Mrs. Kim Emmons Knor



Football Fans and Hunting Enthusiasts stood behind Carson Wentz, the NFL Quarterback when he made national headlines after returning from a Bucket List Alaskan Bear Hunt. The hunt was for an archery black bear and had been done so according to legal Alaska hunting laws. 

What made this National News was when Carson Wentz shared the success of his hunt on social media the non-hunters grabbed at the opportunity to “Hate” on an Outdoorsman. The social media instagram post Carson Wentz shared was captioned, “Got the opportunity to spot and stalk black bear in one of our new favorite places on earth— Alaska! Incredible trip and an incredible animal!” 

Carson Wentz has never been afraid to share his love for the outdoors and of course, social media along with National News outlets had a hay day trying to drag hunting, the outdoors and this NFL player’s name thru the mud. In BEC’s opinion, this was a well-played move by Wentz to relate to other like-minded people as Carson Wentz is like many proud Americans that love the outdoors, hunting, and football. Congratulations Carson Wentz on your successful Alaskan Black Bear hunting adventure!
JUST ANNOUNCED by Carson Wentz:
“We’re so grateful that God has blessed us with…Another GIRL coming soon! Can’t wait to see all the adventures that lie ahead for these girlies and how quickly Dad can lose his hair.”
All of us at The Bend congratulate the Carson Wentz Family on the upcoming addition to their family. Yay – Another Outdoorswoman in the making!
Lab Grown Meat

This next story, I’m touching on ONLY because it makes my blood boil. Not too often, you will hear me become opinionated; but this one I feel was very overlooked by major news outlets. Our attention was placed elsewhere is what I am saying, and owning that thought. Here we go.

Last week the US Department of Agriculture gave the green light for two companies to sell chicken meat that is “Lab Grown”. The companies, Upside Food and Good Meat, in an effort to be the first companies to sell meat that does not come from slaughtered animals; has created chicken using animal cells grown in a lab. Known as “Cultivated Meat’, it is grown in steel tanks and produced on large sheets that are then cut into shapes resembling chicken cutlets and sausages. Currently, this new meat source will not be sold in grocery stores as it’s more expensive to produce than traditional meat.

If you’re like BEC; she is not impressed with the approval on this one whatsoever, and we will leave it at that.

Strange Foods You Might Find…

Venturing north of the border, Canada that is. There’s a new cotton candy flavor being tested out by the dipping sauce company French’s. French’s has launched ketchup-flavored Cotton Candy!! 

Also while in Canada, McDonald’s has launched a new McFlurry Flavor – the Caramel Popcorn McFlurry!! And here at our local McD’s we only get the option of Oreo or M&M. Come on, let us Americans be the guinea pigs first for a change! Lastly, if you’re road tripping thru or near Columbia, Missouri. Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream has gone viral on social media for serving up Moutain Dew and Doritos Ice Cream that is green in color! If you’ve had ANY of these newest flavors, let us know what your palette thought, a Thumbs Up or Down!

How To Enjoy The Fourth Of July Outdoors

Fishing! Tips from The Bend Show Field Staffer, Pro Angler Johnnie Candle. This week professional fisherman and fishing guide, Johnnie Candle, shares what is working right now for walleye fishing. Depending on where you are fishing; some lakes, rivers, and ponds may be showing signs of thick weed growth. To avoid getting hooked in the weeds, Johnnie Candle shares two types of jigs that are doing the trick and reeling in the trophy fish. 

Fishing is the perfect sport to do alone or with the family. Novice or experienced, the sport of fishing is one that is truly a Lifelong Sport. At any age, one can pick up a spinning rod or fly fishing rod, and toss a line. #tightlines Are always the goal, but the rewards of reeling in fish, and the excitement is one hard to beat. 
This summer and fall when heading out to enjoy the outdoors over the Fourth of July or any other holiday; remember the insect repellent. Across the country, there has been an increase in ticks which can result in nasty diseases that often go undetected such as Lyme disease. Mosquitos are another biter that can ruin a day fast, and this pest too can spread such diseases as West Nile. Be smart, “pack prepared” and don’t forget the bug spray. Our household uses those with higher amounts of deet such as “Off Deep Woods“, but that is up to you on what fits your needs. 
And always remember the SPF, aka the sunscreen. BEC & Tigger recently upped their game, and are now using 50 SPF sweat and waterproof sunscreens. Worried you won’t get that summer glowing tan; they are both still tanning but without as much of the worry surrounding skin cancer.



Miranda Lambert – If you weren’t a fan already, we have a feeling many of you will give a nod of approval to these latest claims about the famous country star. According to OK! Magazine, Miranda Lambert is allegedly considered to be the most Frugal Country Star in Nashville. Heck Yay! I like her more already! A source claims that eats at chain restaurants, takes freebies when she can, and goes on all-inclusive vacations, including having recently stayed in Mexico at a chain all-inclusive resort. What’s wrong with that?!? BEC loves hearing when our famous folks are down-to-earth people just like us. A penny saved is a penny earned in our book!


YELLOWSTONE TV Drama prequel, 1923 starring Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren, the resolutions to those plot lines and other cliffhangers do not appear to be coming anytime soon due to the Writers Guild of America strike according to Country Living Magazine. Season one of 1923 ended in dramatic fashion, with the Dutton family ranch under attack while Spencer and Alex torn apart on their way to help save it. At this point, NBC Montana has commented that the project has been “delayed indefinitely” due to the Writers Guild of America strike.


Stir-Fried Rocks & Stone have become one of CHINA’s HOTTEST food dish trends and it’s making its way across the pond to the United States. Hear this one out… People are finding rocks and pebbles, taking the stones home and cleaning well these treasures before placing them amongst their stir-fry dishes while still hot…. WELL BEC hates to bust this cooking trend!!


Rock Cooking or Hot Stones Cooking has been used for 1,000s of years! It’s one of the Survival Basics taught if one is lost out in nature. Adding hot stones to a large bowl with a little oil and your meats and vegetables. Stir the stones and ingredients until the meat is well done. Just a tip thou, if you fail to stir it enough, BEC promises you it will burn. It’s called stir fry for a reason. Heat up 10 or more stones in the embers, wash them off first then toss into your concoction for a “rock stir fry”! Now thinking about this new “Trend”… Kinda glad it was brought up as this could be a really fun one to get the kids involved with! Give it a try and let us know how your crew enjoys the new challenge on your next camping trip!

Marshmallows. With the Fourth of July holiday week now upon us… Don’t forget the Marshmallows! We talked about this last week, and we thought would remind you to use the holiday as a reason to try some of the new flavors gracing the shelves… From the Stuffed Puffs brand, there is now Classic Milk Chocolate Marshmallows, Cookies’n Creme Marshmallows, and Salted Caramel filled or stuffed marshmallows with !! AND That’s not all…

For those wanting a Visual Effect at their campfire – There are Marshmallows out this camping season that change color while being toasted too! 



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