Career paths can be a hard decision. Hear one woman’s story on how she is breaking the rules, and taking her family’s business to the next level by her paving the way. We dive into travel and outdoors news, food trends, and country entertainment & western shopping.  This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Show, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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Lots is covered in this episode in your Outdoors & Western Lifestyle news outlet on The Bend Show available on SiriusXM, AM / FM Radio, and as a podcast. BEC & Tigger dive into news headlines and a story of a gal that’s pushing the limits with her career in order to keep the family business strong!


Gift Certificates… Still Good! We want to give a shout-out to the Muehlebach Hotel in Kansas City, MO. Tim and Melinda O’Brien stayed at this hotel the first night of their marriage in 1983. When sifting thru old photos, the groom came upon a gift certificate in a keepsake box from their wedding 40 years ago. 


The voucher read, “The Muehlebach Lifetime Honeymoon Certificate” and that “This certifies that anytime you stay at the Muehlebach during your anniversary month, your room rate will be the same as your original honeymoon rate.”  The coupon also showed that the O’Briens had paid $38 to stay for one night in Room No. 314 at the Muehlebach Hotel. Upon finding this certificate, Tim O’Brien gave it a 50-50 chance that the hotel now under new management would consider honoring the certificate and decided to contact the hotel located in Downtown Kansas City and surprise his bride 40 years later. Luck was in his favor, the management agreed this was such a neat story. The same room that was then $38 and all the couple could afford for a one-night honeymoon as they were both college students, now holds a nightly rate closer to $250. Congratulations to the O’Briens on 40 years and if you’re passing thru Kansas City and would like to stay there as well as this hotel has quite a bit of history, it was a favorite of President Harry S Truman as well as the Beatles were said to have stayed. If you’re interested too in staying at the historic Muehlebach Hotel, it now operates under the name Kansas City Marriott Downtown.


Australia – An American tourist recently got into a fight with a kangaroo while visiting a Wildlife Park in Australia. The kangaroo had been following a woman and child when the American intervened to ward off the kangaroo. This resulted in the American tourist and the kangaroo getting into a boxing match… with the kangaroo trying to drop-kick the tourist! The woman that had been followed, being a Mom as she is, walked up to the fighting kangaroo, scolding it harshly, causing the kangaroo to stop fighting and scurry off… Guess a Mother’s yell works on more than just the kids!


Texas – A female angler recently ended an excellent day of fishing, walking away with a largemouth bass catch of a lifetimeLea Anne Powell landed this trophy fish on Ivie Lake near San Angelo, Texas. The International Game & Fish Association (IGFA) certified the largemouth bass weighing in at 12 lbs 3oz as the new World Record for the 12lb line weight class

According to KETK, Lea Anne Powell’s lunker was caught on 10-pound Seaguar Red Label line and is considered the biggest largemouth bass ever caught for the line class of 12 pounds. Congrats Lea Anne Powell!

Traveling Heads Up.. on this story, and could happen in a number of situations not just the one I’m about to share… Heading to Miami where an exotic dancer was arrested for stealing $62,000 from a potential client. The exotic dancer kept pouring tequila shots down her to be client’s throat. SO as you can imagine the man became so intoxicated that he could not even stand. She then stole the man’s phone and wallet, and she transferred $62,000 total between his Chase, Wells Fargo and American Express accounts!! Police did arrest her, and she tried to claim that the man had authorized the transactions. The exotic dancer has been charged with Theft. So as said earlier, this could happen to anyone if were “over served”; so please when traveling do be aware and be safe.

Coffee Lovers – A recent study released by Columbia University revealed that sipping coffee throughout the day is terrible for the teeth. They say that even thou tooth enamel is the hardest mineralized substance in your body, prolonged exposure to acid and acidic liquids can cause the teeth to demineralize, erode and become more susceptible to cavities.
Best to enjoy that cup of coffee, tea, juice in a single setting then throughout the day!


How To Enjoy The Fourth Of July Outdoors

Tigger takes the reins on this interview. Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt is an auctioneer, and when he crossed paths with a woman changing the game. He had to get the story. Share it. And empowers us ALL that there is a career path for every person. An inspiring story on how this woman is keeping her family’s business rolling, grabbing the microphone and pushing limits.
Feature Guest: Amber Haugland, licensed auctioneer.
Haugland Action Auction



Luke Combs shared a little wisdom the other day that many of us can take to heart and do so ourselves. Especially in these busy times while we are all burning the night oil it seems – haying or harvesting at all hours, hauling big loads across the country, or working two jobs to make ends meet. Luke Combs being a newer father with another on the way, sat down recently wanting folks to know how something as simple as a picture of his son or a short video of “Home Life” from his wife can completely make his WHOLE day. 

As he put it, it’s a serotonin dump and all the hard work is worth it seeing his family grow, laugh and live. Even just a simple video of his little guy bouncing around in a chair, whatever they’re doing and seeing it, knowing he’s thought of too makes everything worth it. 


So there ya have it, remember to be doing that with your loved ones. Send those texts, pictures, and videos to those that might not be right there as they’re working or traveling; let them know they are remembered, loved and missed!

Chris Stapleton – In the mood for a little Shopping?? Have a country concert or wedding coming up and you are in the market for a new pair of cowboy boots? It was announced this week that Chris Stapleton has teamed up with Lucchese Bootmaker for a new signature line of boots,, celebrating artistry through superior craftsmanship and vintage designs. I took a look online and if you’re interested in a pair, be prepared to spend between $700 to $1200 bucks.


BRIDES listen up! Those still trying to pull off nuptials this year or thinking of how to be unique down the road. They say anything goes these days when it comes to weddings and that can include the food too. A recent bride has gone viral for after her very fancy wedding ceremony, she served $1,000 worth of Mcdonald’s food to her guests! Wedding guests dined on cheeseburgers, McNuggets, and french fries! The bride chose not to have a wedding cake and got  Uber Eats to deliver the wedding meal. I gotta say, I love this! And from what I’ve heard, the guests did too. And as a “going home” treat, guests were sent home with another order of McDonald’s… perfect thinking if you ask me as after a night of dancing and maybe a drink or two… Who doesn’t appreciate a late-night snack?




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