This week the Pheasant forecast for upland game hunters. Backcountry news of a grizzly attack to report plus hear how to find joy, and hear words of wisdom of why it is important to take the time to stop when traveling to new areas. This is Rebecca Wanner aka ‘BEC’ and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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How is your fall looking now that colors are changing, and leaves and acorns to walnuts are dropping, have you found anything unusual? Well here in the north we’ve seen something unusual. A flower typically considered the first sign of spring has been spotted by quite a few of us. That flower is the Crocus, a simple flower with velvet-like pale purple petals. For many of us, this has been a first-ever find and has us a little confused. What have you seen?



Upland bird hunting is a favorite sport for many of us. As we near the opener for pheasant season, it is always the question, how is the pheasant population? After a tough winter throughout the Upper Midwest, according to Oudoor News, it is being reported that pheasants survived and populated much better than expected. Especially those areas that had productive habitat, the pheasants flourished. The birds proved to be tough last winter, and the relatively dry spring after the hard winter made for ideal nesting and brood survival. With this positive news, hunters get ready for pheasants to fly and be ready for a successful upland bird hunting season.


According to Outdoor Life, earlier in September while on a deer hunt, it turned quickly into a backcountry emergency when a man was mauled by a grizzly bear south of Big Sky, Montana. While helping track an archery deer down, Rudy Noorlander, 61, a Navy Veteran, was in the Custer Gallatin National forest following trails he knew very well when the man encountered two grizzlies. 

Noorlander first spotted the younger of the two and was drawing his side firearm when what he described as a 10 foot mega-grizzly pounced before the man could do anything. Noorlander tried to shoot the bear, however instead his gun misfired and as the grizzly was already on him had no time to play dead. Instead, with adrenaline pumping he punched the large bear in the nose. The grizzly continued to attack the man, ripping off his lower jaw and part of the trachea, scratching his chest open while biting a bicep and leg. Then the man continued fighting through it all and screaming, in which fellow members of the party heard the struggle.

In fear they would hit the man while aiming for the bear, the fellow hunters threw rocks at the grizzly while calling for emergency responders. Thankfully the actions worked, Noorlander survived, however now is healing from multiple major reconstruction surgeries. For example, his fibula from one leg was used to reconstruct his jaw. 

A wild story of human survival, but one that needs to be shared with anyone heading into the backcountry. Hunting, hiking or seeking enjoyment; grizzly attacks have been on the rise. Know and understand what to do as well as before heading into the wilderness check with local wildlife officials of recent sightings. 


Feature: Johnny Candle

Professional Angler, Sport Fishing Speaker and Guide

Taking a moment to stop and smell the roses, we have all heard that phrase from time to time. Tigger has been busy visiting here with one of crew, Johnnie Candle who is a Professional Angler, Sport Fishing Public Speaker and Fishing guide located in Devils Lake, North Dakota during the late spring and summer months reeling in walleye to now on the road to Florida where he guides, chasing after Redfish during the fall and winter months. Hear Johnnie sit down for a moment to elaborate on some wisdom.

The Wisdom we all need to be reminded of from time to time. Pullover and enjoy that roadside fruit or vegetable stand, or like Tigger and I recently took a pit stop at an old barn filled with antiques and treasures from years gone by. Take The Time, Make The Memories.
Thinking of fishing in Florida this fall or winter, let Johnnie Candle aid you in landing the keepers! Booking now for Florida Fishing and summer Walleye in North Dakota.


The Prairie Crocus – I have followed the author, photographer Richelle Barrett from northern Montana. Ranch life, motherhood, and life lessons from the prairie have inspired her to write poems, notes of love, and essays. Sharing a world through another’s eyes, bringing back into focus that all of our trials, tribulations, and celebrations are part of our journey. 

Richelle Barrett has a way with words that speak to the heart, take a listen of her essay “Find The Joy” in this episode and see if this doesn’t resonate with you.

Beautiful words we all need to hear from time to time. The Prairie Crocus, Richelle Barrett, we are happy to say has joined our crew. Look forward to hearing her words in the coming weeks. If you are already looking for that perfect gift for the upcoming holidays, she has her latest book out now “Anthology” as well as a calendar for 2024 on sale now at Be sure to follow her on Facebook as over 25,000 followers do daily. 

Heather Krohe, owner of Little Rack Taxidermy, calls in with a field report while she is trucking and hauling grain from the field. Illinois dove season is underway, archery season is about to start in October and the squirrel hunting has been good.
Taxidermy tips for retrieving game from the field that one would like to mount are shared. The biggest is to always remember to take care of the hide. Do not drag the animal as it ruins the hair. Also, never tie a rope around the neck and always remember when camping out to leave as much hide as possible. Before hunting, best to check with a taxidermist you might be using in case they have Best Practices to be aware of.
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