From Rodeo Action taking place to Fishing tips to keep you landing the big ones from Pro Angler Johnnie Candle to health alerts for anyone that enjoys the outdoors. We dive into travel and outdoors news, a health watch, and a mustard food trend. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Show, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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Welcome to your Outdoors & Western Lifestyle news outlet, The Bend Radio Show & Podcast available on SiriusXM Rural Radio Channel 147, AM / FM Radio, and on all Podcast Players. BEC & Tigger dive into the dog days of summer as they are upon us. There’s a new study from Harvard University that dogs are 11% more likely to bite on a sunny or hot day than on a rainy day. Remember, if you are feeling uncomfortable in the hot weather months so are our pets. Always have available shade, fresh cool water and give them less activity.


Our Spotlight shines this week on the National High School Finals Rodeo taking place as we speak in Gillette, Wyoming. “75 Years of Roping, Riding and Mentorship” is the theme as Top Cowboys & Cowgirls compete in the 75th Anniversary of this epic event, the National High School Final Rodeo.


Deemed the “World’s Largest Rodeo”, the NHSRA Finals features more than 1,700 contestants representing 44 states, and 5 Canadian Provinces, as well as coming from as far as Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. These top-notch Cowboys and Cowgirls are competing for more than just huge cash and prizes, but also there is more than $375,000 in college scholarships and hope to be named the National High School Finals Rodeo World Champion.


Events include: Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc and Bull Riding in the rough stock events where 8 seconds never took so long.

Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, Tie Down Roping, Team Roping, Steer Wrestling, Goat Tying, and Pole Bending in the timed events where SECONDS, hundredths of a second can make or break the win!

Cutting & Reining Cow Horse top the Judged Events. Plus the annual Queen competition…

And LASTLY an added competition over recent years; that has us here at The Bend Show extremely excited is Shooting Sports. Included are competitions in the rifle .22 caliber and shotgun trap shooting. “Life Long Sports” being recognized on a national level for our youth always is a thumbs up on this outfit.


We wish ALL contestants competing as we speak, having traveled near or far, to make the most memorable time while in Gillette, Wyoming!



Taiwan – Has a new dish that everyone’s excited about!! I could see some of our southeastern fans already ahead of the game on this Trending Food Dish. The dish is Frog Ramen, it’ll cost you about $8 American money, and is ramen noodles served with a whole frog on the top. The broth, liquid contains scallion onions and clams. Now I do enjoy Frog Legs… and love ramen, however at this point, I’ll be passing on this delicacy of a dish for now!


iPhone Alert Launched – The Apple iPhone has gained a new feature called the “Screen Distance” alert. This alert will sound if the iPhone is held too close to your face. Apple says, “Increasing the distance the device is viewed from can help children lower their risk of myopia and gives adult users the opportunity to reduce digital eye strain.” Think about it, have you been dealing with symptoms that could be from using your smartphone too close? Apple has also stated, “Screen Distance in Screen Time uses the TrueDepth camera to encourage users to move their device farther away after holding it closer than 12 inches from their face for an extended period of time.” 


Deodorant – Yay or Nay when spending time outdoors? Current Biology Journal has published a new study revealing that wearing deodorant reduces the risk of mosquito bites by 56%. Mosquitoes can pick up body odor 350 feet away! Wearing deodorant makes a person less attractive to mosquitoes because they do not like the fragrant smell or a compound found in deodorants called isopropyl tetradecanoate.


Beach Umbrellas & SPF Makeup Are Useless

Cleveland Clinic released a new study revealing that SPF makeup and umbrellas to shield yourself from the sun is INEFFECTIVE. Researchers studied scores of people… What was discovered was that 78% of individuals using a beach umbrella still ended up with a sunburn. AND that 25% of the study participants who used SPF Makeup were sunburned. Experts state, prior to using SPF Makeup, first apply a good broadspectrum sunscreen to your face then allow time for it to dry before applying and going about your normal make-up routine! BES T be safe and beat not just the aging process but the skin cancer risk especially!



How To Hook Fish In The Weeds?

Now that summer is hot across the country and beyond, that means the vegeation has become often times our biggest battle us anglers face. This week Pro’s Pointers come from Johnnie Candle, Pro Angler and Fishing Guide. Solutions are offered to beat the weeds, hook the walleyes and keep tight lines in order to land the fish.

The Bend Field Staffer:

Johnnie Campbell; learn more or book a guided trip visit
As we fish deeper depths, the North Dakota Game & Fish is encouraging anglers to consider when landing walleye and other deeper species to keep those fish versus returning to the water (catch & release). Because the temperature difference is so great from the deeper levels past 25 feet, bringing these fish to the surface lowers their chance of survival greatly if released back into the water. Learn more here.
Last week Tigger had a great interview with Amber Haugland of Hauglands Action Auction. Amber Haugland is a female auctioneer, hear what she has to say when asked what crazy item got sold in a vehicle at auction… It’s definitely not for ALL eyes. OOPS.
Then hear how one man’s junk is another treasure. She shares how selling a tractor auction in Minnesota shocked many as this auction was a treasure containing tractors where only maybe 10 were left in existence. The tractors brought HUGE amounts of money! Take a listen!
Feature Guest: Amber Haugland, licensed auctioneer.
Hauglands Action Auction


Night Owls Die Younger: The Chronobiology International Journal has published a new study revealing that night owls are more likely to die younger than non-night owls. 20,000 people were studied, and it was discovered that night owls make poor lifestyle choices. Activities available late at night tend to not be the healthiest choices. Examples include it’s more tempting for drinking, smoking and eating poorly. After dark, people are less likely to be eating salads and exercising. The study revealed that night owls have a 21% greater chance of dying younger than people whom call themselves a “Morning Person”.


And now for a little, What’s Cooking or NOT
Mustard Diet Is Trending:

A social media influencer, tiffanyymagee, is claiming to have lost 80 pounds on what she’s calling, “The Mustard Diet”. Using zero-calorie mustard, the influencer is dunking vegetables and fruit into it, and the protein source is cottage cheese and chicken sausage. 

NOW – BEC’s got an issue with this. How sustainable is it to live off of just cottage cheese forever??? As for Mustard itself. We are one hundred percent about keeping this natural and low-carb, low-calorie condiment on hand for ALL your meals! Our favorite by far is Mickey’s Mustard! Are they a sponsor of this show, you bet! But that is because we are selective, picky and only direct you to where we feel your money is well spent. We love using Mickey’s Mustard on everything from Eggs Benedict to smothering on our pork loins to even turning into a vinaigrette on our salads. 101 uses for the stuff and it’s not going to hurt the waistline either! 



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