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Exciting times in Nebraska this hunting season. Kiersten Black at only 15 years old became the first female Nebraska resident in modern history to harvest a bighorn sheep in the state, according to While hunting with her dad, Kierston took down a giant, old ram with a busted-up jaw and broomed horns. Quite the accomplishment for the high school sophomore, who drew a lottery permit costing only $29 to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Kiersten has been hunting for the last five years with her father, having tagged several beautiful whitetail and muley bucks over the years. This memory will go down in the books as Kiersten Black was the only name drawn from a total of nearly 3,600 applicants as Nebraska only draws one tag and the other tag is auctioned off yearly, this year’s tag sold for $370,000. Kiersten tagged her trophy ram in the panhandle of Nebraska around the steep terrain of Chadron.


This news is the kind that one hates to report on, a 75-year-old hunter from Michigan lost his life when the blind he was deer hunting from started on fire believed to have been caused by a portable propane heater. When the victim was found by his grandson who was also hunting nearby, the man was already deceased and had suffered severe burns, according to It is unclear if the blind was a pop-up, hard-sided, or homemade structure.

Again a hard story to report, but also one that we should all take notice of as temperatures are cooling. Whether hunting from a blind or ice fishing from an ice house; this time of year does entail the use of heat sources such as a portable propane type. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reminding outdoorsmen and women to:

  • Keep a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector inside any closed spaces where fuel is burning, even if there is a ventilation system.

  • Keep exhaust from gas-powered generators and vehicles away from open windows of cabins, RVs, and other dwellings.

  • Crack a window in hunting blinds, ice fishing houses and other enclosed spaces to promote air circulation.

  • Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning: dizziness, headaches, confusion, fatigue and trouble breathing.


Last month the first cougar in Wisconsin to be killed in 115 years was done so by a bowhunter. In Buffalo County, Wisconsin, Ben Karasch had just climbed into his tree stand and spotted an adult cougar stalking him, according to The lion continued to creep closer to his stand and when within 15 yards, Karasch realized he was in a dangerous situation.

Cougars are protected in the state of Wisconsin, however, due to the circumstances after waving hands and yelling at the cougar which the lion stood sharing right back with its tail swishing back and forth unfazed, creeping closer. Karasch drew back, releasing an arrow after feeling that was the only option left, hitting the cougar in the shoulder. The cat ran off and immediately Karasch self-reported the incident to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Authorities came to the scene, and with Karasch were able to track the blood trail to find the lion 120 yards away. It was a two-year-old male, weighing 128 pounds and they believed to have come from the Dakotas. An investigation was done by the Wisconsin DNR and was deemed this was a self-defense scenario and there would be no charges as Karasch did the right thing in informing authorities immediately. The investigation showed that the mountain lion came within 13 yards of Karasch strapped in his treestand.

The Do, The Do Not & Did You Know About Pheasants

Guest: Rick Acker, Award Winning Taxidermist

Owner of Roughrider Game Birds located in Lincoln, North Dakota
WEBSITE The BEND Show S3 E162 Upland Game Bird Pheasant Taxidermy Outdoors News Rebecca Wanner Jeff Erhardt Tigger & BEC Rick Acker
  • Upland birds taken early in the season do not make great mounts due to the fragile pin feathers. Best to mount pheasants harvested in November and December.

  • Do not ring the neck of a possible pheasant to mount as it will stretch the neck.

  • Cool the pheasant immediately.

  • Wrap the feet and beak in wet paper towels. Double bag the pheasant before placing in the freezer. This will keep the bird from drying out until received by a taxidermist.

  • Do NOT place birds in panty hose. A panty hose causes a bird to quickly dry out during freezing making it difficult, to almost impossible, to mount by a taxidermist at a later date.

Taxidermy work on any trophy animal, fish, or bird is a very thoughtful, sentimental process. It is turning that trophy into a work of art to cherish. Giving the gift of taxidermy work must be thoroughly thought through. BEC shares how if one does not know exactly what a person would like down with their trophy to mount, a gift certificate is a better route. Find out which taxidermist the recipient favors instead or pool money together to give a gift of money towards a future wall or pedestal mount. 
Taxidermy – What to consider:
– How much will this wall mount or pedestal cost?
– How long will it take to have the taxidermy work completed?
– Is there room for the desired mount? Determine if there is enough wall space or high enough ceilings as an example. A pheasant with the wings spanned will take more room than a pheasant on a perch. Shoulder mounts on big game take up a lot of space both wall width and ceiling height.
– Are there memorable tokens from the adventure that are wanted to be included in the mount? Such as the shotgun shell from the bird hunt or the rifle casing from the hunt.
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