Hunting is right around The Bend. Learn what you need to be doing now to be ready and how the big game numbers are looking. Mating season, we share what animals to avoid and enjoy from afar. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Show, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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BEC & Tigger intro the show reminding all that we know everyone is hitting the lakes, rivers and pool trying to stay cool; but beware of others. Watchout for each other, studies have recently showed that much fewer people know how to swim then in previous generations. Stay cool, Stay safe. 
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Dinner in The Dark?? A New Jersey chef has launched a new promotion called “Dinner in the Dark” at his restaurants! WHAT a fun idea!? If you dare… Chef David Burke blindfolds diners before serving them a five-course meal. Approximately 12 or 15 years ago during a Wine & Food Festival, David Burke, had tried the idea and it didn’t go so well. HOWEVER he never let go of the concept and has now launched these unique dinner experiences. An example of a meal is of course while blindfolded, diners have been served truffles, puree, broccoli, heirloom tomatoes, cookies, parfaits and candied fruit. The dinner costs $100.

NOW we’ve brought you this creative concept from Chef David Burke, so now I’m going to challenge you and your cooking skills. On your next family dinner, campout or dinner party; consider doing something of the “like”. Let’s see first how TRUSTWORTHY you are deemed by your friends and family, but then also, I see this as a fantastic way fun way to have a dinner conversation like no other plus puts your cooking skills to the test!




After the Jason Aldean backlash across the nation by some, according to Whiskey Riff; Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean’s Nashville restaurant has removed CMT from their televisions after CMT announced it would no longer be airing Aldean’s video for “Try That In A Small Town.” A statement was released by E3 Chophouse saying as follows, “We stand with Jason! E3 supports the small town because that is who we are! We will not air CMT at any of our restaurants until a formal apology is made and Jason’s music video is reinstated.” We too are in support of Jason Aldean, love his hit song that has been playing on country radio for months alre ady. Whether you are from a small town or not, we all strive to be better people and live in a community that supports one another. That’s America. Head to our website to watch Jason Aldean’s video for his latest hit, “Try That In A Small Town.”


We have all seen the jokes, the funny memes of Don’t Pet the Fluffy Cow… So in case you have not heard, two national parks thus far in recent weeks have had horrific incidents regarding people and bison or buffalo. The woman in North Dakota visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park is recovering from injuries to her stomach and foot after having been charged. In Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, there a bison gored a woman. Please Please, regardless if you are familiar with these types of animals, new to the terrain, landscape or otherwise these are great reminders. It is Mating Season across many areas for a diverse group of animals, not just bison or buffalo. Big Game to livestock such as bulls breeding cattle. Do not cross fences, do not tempt fate!


Ready or not, those fans or haters of Pumpkin Spice; there is a new brew of another kind about to hit the shelves while it’s still HOT outside. Samuel Adams has plans to kick off fall early by releasing already on August 1st a new pumpkin ale called Jack O. This this Pumpkin Spice Beer is a Shandy Jack-O Pumpkin Ale will have aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg, that has a fall balance with a crisp, refreshing finish.


Sportsmen and women, Anglers and Fishermen or women you will love this latest study! Canada’s University of Guelph has wrapped up a recent studdy that reveal eating fish not just LOWERS your risk of hearing loss, it slashes your risk of going deaf! Omega-3 levels in 100,000 people were studied, found the results were astounding. People with high levels of Omega-3 and consumed fish on a regular basis; were 16 upwards to almost 20% LESS likely to have hearing issues later in life. It does not end there, the study also revealed that hearing trouble, especially when there was background noise in a room… People were 11% less likely to have trouble hearing. Impressive results, and with us all loving our sports fishing or just tossing in a line; these stats definitely show it may be worth to consider adding Fish into our weekly diet.



Hunter or Fall Hiker – PREP NOW
Conditioning our bodies, carrying heavy packs, and building up endurance must always be a top priority when planning a successful hunt or hiking trip. The trails taken during the fall season are often not on an actual path. Be working your full body, including breaking in those boots, to ward off the misfortune of a stumble, trip or fall on the trail.
Feature: Josh Miller
Owner & Hunting Guide
Business: Antler J Outfitting
Location: Chadron, Nebraska
Book Hunts: Assortment of Rifle, Archery, and More!
Tigger is joined by Josh Miller to talk about what the outlook looks like in the Panhandle of Nebraska and Eastern Colorado for big game animals. They tackle what you should be doing now to prepare for your much-anticipated hunting adventure and offer tips too.
Buffalo Hunting
Ever dreamed of chasing something even bigger in North America? What about hunting buffalo or bison? Antler J Outfitting offers personalized guided buffalo hunts on their private ranch. An experience to remember, and best shared with another. This is a hunting expedition you’ll want to learn more about! The meat from buffalo or bison is incredible and very healthy. Considered a leaner meat, it cooks like beef and without the game taste of deer. A once in a lifetime kind of hunt right here in the United States.



SUMMER Fruit Fondue Pizza Style

BEC’s at it again, playing in the kitchen and having fun with her nephews, niece, and friends. What are things that ALL folks love? Pizza. AND Fruit. And what’s even more refreshing in the summer, is Fruit Pizza! Here’s the idea! 

Bake or buy palm-size sugar cookies. Then set up your table or buffet line with first your “Sauce” aka a sweetened cream cheese spread. Can add coloring & other flavors such as strawberry if you want to a “red sauce” and then “vanilla” or “almond” to the “white sauce”. Once guests spread their sugar crust pizza cookie with the sauce have an assortment of fresh fruits, dipping sauces like chocolate or hot fudge warmed in small pots, or if an older crowd even toss in a small open flame to toast a quick marshmallow and sprinkle that combination with crushed graham crackers. All types of fruits, mixed nuts, and even fun candied sprinkles for the kids will make this an Unforgettable Fruit Pizza Fondue!




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