Trail Cameras! What you need to do now and know if using cameras for patterning wildlife with consideration to your weather conditions. And we have the Outdoors items to be shopping for while Back To School Shopping. Plus we share a twist on the latest trend going viral, Lemonade Marinade, you will want our recipe for Lemonade Marinade Grilled Chicken. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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BEC & Tigger kick off a packed show filled with Outdoors Deals to shop for now, how heat can affect our wildlife tracking, and dig into a hot trending recipe that’s gone viral on all of social media.


BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING… This means now is when to do your Christmas shopping or shopping for those items we will need or use next year come summer. The discounts and clearance Outdoors items have been showing up. So what we are saying is NOW is the time while shopping for back to school to be cruising the clearance aisles of your favorite stores too. We just gave you the excuse to look at more outdoors equipment. You might be finding deals on tents to sleeping bags, coolers, etc. Shop for those items that you found were super helpful this summer and will want for next year, and instead retire and toss out then what is worn out. There’s no reason to keep around, take up space equipment “for a rainy day” when you might find a better deal now, and then you will be ready come next spring and summer. Another idea is to be considering these items as Christmas gifts. Plan now ideas of say trips next summer or fun backyard activities to do with the kids. An example is to buy discounted sleeping bags for kids, then give these as gifts at Christmas telling the recipient how you want them to get excited and be prepared for once tenting season comes along next season. PLUS as a bonus, if you live someone that lives in colder temps or receives lots of snow; meaning “Snow Days” occur now you’ve given kids a gift too that they can “Practice Camping” within the living room on those days stuck at home or indoors. We have done this too with small 1-2 man tents, set them up for kids to watch movies from in the house when we can’t go outside. But our SECRET is that Tigger & BEC purchase all of these outdoors items now when everything is on clearance!



After a hardship on wildlife, especially in western big game states, verify the areas you plan to hunt in the coming months. Reports are being received across the nation on different states’ DNR’s issuing new regulations. Know before you go.


It’s been reported by KSBY that America’s current heatwave is not just affecting people and pets; but also wreaking havoc on California’s wineries. Everything these winemakers can do to keep wines at appropriate temperatures is being done including putting ice packs around bottles of red’s so that these wines do not get hot and ruined.



For all the SPAM fans, you are in luck, there is a new flavor in the house! Hormel has launched SPAM Maple Flavored, and it is retailing for $3.58. Hormel the makers of SPAM claim this is the perfect combination of sweet and savory to that kicks up any recipe. SPAM, “The Meat of many uses!”.



Hunting, Hunter, or Wildlife Patterns; Temperature Matters

Using trail cameras has become so popular over the years that we hear of hunters at times even leaving them up year around. If you are NOT one of those that have your trail cam up year around or you ARE one of those that do. You are going to find this insight from one of our Bend Field Staffers – Travis Theel, Guide, Outfitter and host of the YouTube Channel Buckstorm very interesting. Are you placing your trail cameras in the right locations at the moment? Food for thought. Have you considered where the deer or elk trek during the fall and colder times of year, are not where you will find these big game animals now during the warmer temperatures? Hear on The Bend Show how knowing your current environments conditions matters when patterning wildlife.

GUEST: Travis Theel, Buckstorm Hunts Guide & Outfitter


Grilling Recipe


(PINK) LEMONADE Marinade Grilled Chicken 

Have you heard of this latest Tik Tok trend? Super easy and what BEC loves the most, a can of concentrated frozen lemonade is cheap! A 5-minute prep with only 5 ingredients!

Using a thawed can of lemonade concentrate, that means ya know take the Frozen Lemonade and unthaw it to a runny and liquid state. Do the same with your chicken. You will want chicken that is not frozen. AND whatever you like… breasts, thighs, wings, drummies, or all… just need to make sure the meat is not frozen. 

Now back to the Marinade. In a gallon-size Ziploc or sealable bag or container, mix together these couple of SIMPLE ingredients that almost everyone has in their home.

Here we go, your 5 ingredients:

2lbs of Raw Chicken, Thawed

1 Can of Thawed Lemonade Concentrate

½ Cup of Soy Sauce

1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder

1 Teaspoon Season Salt

Bonus one more if you like a little heat or kick to your meat, and that’d be to add black pepper while cooking.

Toss all of these ingredients into that sealable container or bag, including the chicken, mixing or tossing it well together and leave for a minimum of an hour. Can be left for longer if you so desire.

Then have your grill hot and when ready, toss it on the hot surface cooking to the appropriate temperature for chicken. Bonus one more ingredient if you like a little heat or kick to your meat, season with black pepper while cooking. Cook chicken to an internal temperature of 180 degrees.

Yummy! Enjoy your Lemonade Marinade Grilled Chicken!


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We have all seen the jokes, the funny memes of Don’t Pet the Fluffy Cow… So in case you have not heard, two national parks thus far in recent weeks have had horrific incidents regarding people and bison or buffalo. The woman in North Dakota visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park is recovering from injuries to her stomach and foot after having been charged. In Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, there a bison gored a woman. Please Please, regardless if you are familiar with these types of animals, new to the terrain, landscape or otherwise these are great reminders. It is Mating Season across many areas for a diverse group of animals, not just bison or buffalo. Big Game to livestock such as bulls breeding cattle. Do not cross fences, do not tempt fate!

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