Fishing enthusiast or not, this time of year in June there really isn’t a bad spot to toss a line. Pro Angler Johnnie Candle joins our crew. We have Outdoors news, spotlight grizzly sightings in Yellowstone, tell about a Ghost Town, plus have your Travel and Entertainment headlines too.
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Fisherman or not, this time of year in June there really isn’t a bad spot to toss a line. Pro Angler Johnnie Candle joins our crew. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the outdoors radio show The Bend. We have Outdoors news, spotlight grizzly sightings in Yellowstone, tell about a Ghost Town, plus have your Travel and entertainment headlines. Be sure to tune into The Bend Show!


In case you needed some extra good news today, The Queen of the Tetons is still with us.

The famous grizzly named 399 emerged from hibernation.  She’s the oldest known bear in the Yellowstone ecosystem, spanning 7 decades of records, to give birth at the age of 27. Queen of the Tetons, Grizzly 339 was photographed last month with a new cub at her side.

AND This leads to a great reminder! MANY animals are now with or about to be with, their babies. From cubs to calves to fawns; never be “That Guy” approaching to try photographing wildlife. There’s always a joke or meme at this time of year, “Don’t Pet The Fluffy Cow” aka Buffalo or Bison. That holds true on anything from Moose, they are mean, to of course mountain lions to bears. Enjoy the view, Be in the Moment. Do not approach wild animals especially while with their young.



Poor Driving Hereditary – NOW if you’ve got a family gathering in your near future? This may just be the topic that could “Stir the Pot” if you’re looking to get the goat of some people, or just have fun with a little debate. A study from Scrap Car Comparison has revealed that bad driving might be hereditary. 1,000 drivers were surveyed and was discovered that 66% of these drivers who had tickets also had parents with poor driving records. 50% of the drivers with poor driving parents have received at least one ticket in the past 10 years. 55% of people say that they LEARNED speeding from their parents and 49% of drivers say they learned Road-Raging from their parents….

BEC dares you to bring up THIS TOPIC at your next family bbq! LOL


Looking to relocate? How about buy your own town?

A Texas ghost town is up for sale for $100,000. The town of Lobo, Texas is located 20 miles from the Mexico border and has been abandoned since 1991. If interested, we wish you the best – the town contains a gas station, a motel, a grocery store and several empty homes. To the north of Lobo is Guatelupe National Park; to the south is Big Bend National Park.


North Carolina – is where one man calls home, and this man has not used Toilet paper in ten years. Robin Greenfield of Asheville, NC claims he has not used TP since 2013 and instead uses Blue Spur Flower leaves because they are eco-friendly and the same size as a square of toilet paper. Mr. Greenfield went on to explain that the average American spends over $11,000 on tp over the course of their life. The Blue Spur Flower leaves he claims have a natural, minty scent, and are easy to grow. I’m just going to believe him on that one… and still expect Tigger to pack the biodegradable toilet paper.


Meet 30-plus-year veteran pro angler, Johnnie Campbell, as the newest member of The Bend Field staff. Growing up fishing on his father’s charter boat on the Great Lakes honing his skills on Lake Erie’s central basin. By age 21, Campbell had obtained his Master of Great Lakes US Coast Guard Captain’s License, beginning his lifelong journey to becoming a Pro Angler, a Fishing Guide, and Sport Fishing Communicator. Since 1993, Campbell has made a career out of fishing. He has guided trips from Trout and Salmon in the Lower Niagara River, to Walleye in the Dakotas, to guiding on the Gulf of Mexico. Johnnie Campbell’s pro angler stats are phenomenal having taken to competing at the highest level on the USFA, NAWA, PWT, MWC and NWT tournament fishing trails. We are excited to have him aboard the ship here at The Bend Show. Hear his story on how his successful career came to be, and remains a passion to this day.

Featuring: Johnnie Campbell; learn more at


Trisha Yearwood is selling the Nashville home she bought over two decades ago for $4.5 million. If you were a fan of not just Trisha Yearwood as a singer, but also of her cooking style in the Kitchen, Trisha has filmed 11 seasons of her Food Network show, ”Tricia’s Southern Kitchen”, at the house. The home has five bedrooms, three fireplaces, an elevator, and a pool.
New country star Parker McCollum says hunting with his wife can be a challenge. He explained in a recent interview that his wife loves wearing lots of fragrances. So while he’s sitting in the stand bathed in scent killer, his wife, Parker McCollum jokes is smelling like a field of flowers. The country star did so though that he loves being with her in the field, even if she can make hunting a challenge.


Butchering Dates for this fall’s wild game or your own raised beef, pork, etc. Consider calling now to get your name on the list or schedule. Some butchering processor facilities only process wild game at certain times and the dates fill up quickly. Remember you can typically always cancel.


State Park Passes: Thinking a Staycation this year? If you are thinking of this year sticking closer to home possibly and exploring your state’s many beautiful parks. This is a reminder to be purchasing those passes now. Depending on your state you may qualify for discounts regarding age, and current or past military experience, and some states even have promotions right now for a buy one pass get a second pass half off. Regardless, order state park passes now incase you qualify for promotions and special identification is needed. We want everyone ready to road trip in their own “backyard”, meaning your state, this summer.


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