Exploring the outdoors is a wonderful way to connect with nature, but it’s important to be aware of plants that can cause discomfort or harm. Knowing how to identify these plants can prevent unpleasant encounters. This guide highlights the top five plants to watch out for, including the infamous Poison Ivy. Join radio hosts Rebecca Wanner aka ‘BEC’ and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in Outdoors & Western Lifestyle News!
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Top 5 Plants That Cause Discomfort in Your Yard or Nature

1. Poison Ivy (Toxicodendron radicans)


  • Leaves: Typically, clusters of three leaflets.
  • Color: Green in the summer, turning red, orange, or yellow in the fall.
  • Growth Habit: Can grow as a vine, shrub, or ground cover.

 Symptoms of Contact

  • Skin Reaction: Red, itchy rash, often with blisters.
  • Spread: Can spread if the oil (urushiol) is not washed off.

 Prevention Tips

  • Clothing: Wear long sleeves and pants when in areas where Poison Ivy may grow.

Washing: Wash skin immediately if you think you’ve touched Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy The BEND SHOW S4 E187 Toxicodendron radicans. Rebecca Wanner BEC

 2. Poison Oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum)


  • Leaves: Similar to oak leaves, typically three leaflets per cluster.
  • Color: Green in the spring and summer, red or brown in the fall.
  • Growth Habit: Can grow as a shrub or vine.

 Symptoms of Contact

  • Skin Reaction: Itchy, red rash, similar to Poison Ivy.
  • Spread: Rash can spread via the urushiol oil.

 Prevention Tips

  • Avoidance: Learn to identify and avoid this plant in the wild.
Poison Oak The BEND SHOW S4 E187 Toxicodendron radicans. Rebecca Wanner BEC

 3. Poison Sumac (Toxicodendron vernix)


  • Leaves: Pinnate with 7-13 leaflets per stem.
  • Color: Bright green leaves, white or grey berries.
  • Growth Habit: Small tree or large shrub, often found in wet, swampy areas.

 Symptoms of Contact

  • Skin Reaction: Severe itching, redness, and blistering.
  • Spread: Urushiol oil can cause a rash if it comes into contact with the skin.

 Prevention Tips

  • Location Awareness: Avoid swampy areas where Poison Sumac is common.
  • Protective Gear: Wear gloves and long clothing when working near potential Poison Sumac areas.
Poison Sumac The BEND SHOW S4 E187 Toxicodendron vernix. Rebecca Wanner BEC

4. Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica)


  • Leaves: Serrated, heart-shaped leaves with fine hairs.
  • Color: Green stems and leaves.
  • Growth Habit: Herbaceous plant, commonly found in moist, fertile soil.

 Symptoms of Contact

  • Skin Reaction: Immediate stinging sensation, followed by redness and itching.
  • Duration: Symptoms can last from a few minutes to several hours.

 Prevention Tips

  • Awareness: Know how to identify stinging nettle and avoid touching it.
  • Clothing: Wear gloves and long sleeves when walking through areas where nettles are common.
Stinging Nettle The BEND SHOW S4 E187 Urtica dioica. Rebecca Wanner BEC

 5. Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum)


  • Leaves: Large, deeply lobed leaves.
  • Color: White umbrella-shaped flowers.
  • Growth Habit: Can grow up to 14 feet tall.

 Symptoms of Contact

  • Skin Reaction: Severe skin burns and blisters when exposed to sunlight.
  • Eyes: Can cause blindness if sap gets into the eyes.
    •  Prevention Tips

      • Avoidance: Avoid touching or handling the plant.
      • Protective Gear: Wear long sleeves, pants, and eye protection when in areas where Giant Hogweed is present.
      Giant Hogweed The BEND SHOW S4 E187 Heracleum mantegazzianum. Rebecca Wanner BEC

      Conclusion: Beware of these 5 plants in the outdoors!

      Identifying these five plants—Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, Stinging Nettle, and Giant Hogweed—is crucial for avoiding discomfort and potential health issues during your outdoor adventures. By recognizing these plants and taking preventative measures, you can enjoy nature safely and comfortably. If you believe to have encountered any of these plants, immediately seek medical attention from your primary physician or other medical expertise.


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