Backcountry Hunting, Horseback riding to Hiking the mountains, we have pointers to make the most of your trip. The fish are biting, we share Pro fall fishing tips for this time of year too. Plus we share the news headlines you’ve missed. This is Rebecca Wanner aka ‘BEC’ and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!

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How did you wrap up summer, say goodbye, and Hello to Fall? For many, us included as trees have started to turn, and archery season opens, feel that Labor Day weekend is – The Start To Days of Fall.

Tigger & BEC decided to do a “Day RoadTrip” on that Sunday of the long holiday weekend. As let’s be real, on this outfit there’s no such thing as a “long weekend”. These crazy cats took off with the truck loaded with kayaks, and fishing gear and traveled their “own backyard” meaning, stayed within state lines. Driving around a massive lake the two know very well, came upon not one but TWO bays new to them and had vacant beaches. Instead of unloading the gear, Tigger & BEC on the LAST hot day of summer jumped in the lake, enjoying just playing and swimming while soaking up the sun.



We received lots of “Fan Mail” after last week’s show when we talked about the recent backcountry expedition done by experienced outdoorsmen who had 3 pack horses tumble 80 feet and thankfully survive! We heard lots of comments, Want to give a shoutout to one listener, Scott Middleton from Alberta, CA – He shared photos of his Tennessee Walkers that they use on rougher terrain. Another listener texted in that he appreciated us sharing about transporting feed across state lines for horses (or any livestock). This individual was stopped and had feed checked for noxious weeds prior to being allowed to enter the national forest.

Before heading to the backcountry including the national forests or grasslands, if you are crossing state lines it is highly recommended to contact your local veterinarians as Coggins tests, health certificates or even brand releases may be required as well as contact all states you Game and Fish departments you will be traveling through to your final destination.



Experienced Connecticut fisherman Eddie Carroll went viral in the fishing world when while fishing off his 12-foot paddleboard. What caused the excitement, off the coast of Madison in the Long Island  Sound he hooked a large catch, so big that it began dragging him and the paddleboard. After fighting this monster fish for over an hour, he reeled up to the paddleboard a massive brown shark. Thinking smartly so folks would believe his “Catch Of The Day”, or catch of the year in our book… Eddie Carroll was able to turn on his phone to start recording as evidence to prove the catch. It was figured to roughly be an 8-foot Brown Shark, in which this fisherman did cut the line for the next lucky angler. We’ve got the video – Head to to watch this INCREDIBLE catch of a lifetime!


According to NPR – Apparently Wild or not, animals don’t stop at passport control, including the reindeer that graze on the border of Norway and Russia. Forty-two crossed into Russia, and now the Norwegian government has to pay Russia for the loss of grassland – more than $4,000 per reindeer. The animals are just going where the grass takes them, I guess. So now Norway is repairing an old fence there to try to rein in their deer… like that pun.. but on a serious note…

Norwegian officials, according to Fox 5 NY, state the work of building and fixing the border fence is a challenge, as the workers have to stay on the Norwegian side of the border “AT ALL TIMES” during construction, which as you can imagine is making the work extra demanding. As for example; If a worker crossed into Russian territory, without a Russian visa, that would amount to illegal entry.

These reindeer have truly stirred the pot or shaken up a hornets’ nest as Russia has sent two compensation claims thus far. One claim is for $ 4,700 USD per reindeer that crossed into Russia to graze in a nature reserve. In addition, the second claim is asking for a lump sum of nearly $4.4 million in total for the days the animals grazed in the nature reserve park, which consists mostly of lakes, rivers, forests, and marshland.

The returned reindeer belonged and were herded by the Indigenous Sami people in central and Arctic Norway.  However, upon return, the animals have since been slaughtered out of fear that they may wander back to Russia.


Listeners, we are hearing your questions loud and clear, and taking notes to be sure to get them answered as fast as we can! Keep sending them in by phone or text to 305-900-2363, or email: [email protected]

We received questions regarding fall walleye fishing. The man with the answers and the experience is 25+ year veteran Pro Angler Johnnie Candle. Here are his pro tips on a couple of situations. This angler has fished all types of waters across the USA and Canada and is an excellent source for accurate information. 
Johnnie Candle
Learn more about this Pro Angler & Fishing Guide here:


The meteorological fall is now in full force so that only means there are going to be lots of attractive treats to be had in our grocery aisles.


The beer manufacturer Samual Adams is at it again, brewing up something special for upcoming Oktoberfest celebrations. Watch your stores as they have released a new pretzel beer named “Wheelhaus Dunkel”. The beer is said to be made with brioche-style soft pretzels and salt. This has BEC extremely curious as brioche-style buns for example typically have a sweeter flavor, so could this be a sweet & salty like beer? If you find it, let us know your thoughts! FYI – those dreaming of being in Munich, Germany for the OFFICIAL Oktoberfest, you best get your tickets booked. This years festival runs September 16th – October 3rd, 2023. However here in the USA, we tend to celebrate most of September thru the end of October! So enjoy the new Samual Adams “Wheelhaus Dunkel” as it’s being offered for only a limited time.

Samuel Adams October


If you are a fan of Pumpkin Spice and looking for a unique quick trip. Great Wolf Lodge has the rooms for you! The resort is capitalizing on the Pumpkin Spice craze by offering up hotel suites that are themed around, yes… Pumpkin Spice. You can find these fall-themed suites at Great Wolf Lodge locations in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, and California.


BEND Field Report: Travis Theel, Buckstorm Hunts
This week’s report comes from the Black Hills of South Dakota. Hunting Guide and Outfitter, Travis Theel has been scouting the bull elk, patterning these majestic beauties, and is now on the hunt. Hear his take on where they are hanging now with the warmer temperatures. To book a hunt with Travis Theel and the Buckstorm crew, checkout and subscribe to their YouTube Buckstorm Channel.
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