ROAD Trip Now! WHY? Cooler temps, no crowds. Hear about this cowboy destination recently visited that you need on your travel bucket list and a new TV Show to go along with it. Plus upsetting news of another walleye fishing cheater scandal has made headlines. And a familiar store is revived in time for Back To School Shopping. This is Rebecca Wanner aka BEC and Jeff ‘Tigger’ Erhardt with the radio show The Bend Radio Show & Podcast, your news outlet for the latest in the Outdoors & Western Lifestyle!
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Episode 145 Details

BEC and Tigger kick off today’s episode by chatting about the game draws that will be coming through across the country. Unfortunately, BEC is not going moose hunting this year and Tigger’s draw has yet to be determined so stay tuned for that update!

Fishing & Hunting News

In other fishing and hunting news, here is what you missed:

  • Fishing Tournament Cheating Scandals

    One sure would have thought lessons were learned after last year’s infamous Ohio Lake Erie Walleye Trail Tournament scandal last September. That ignorant decision of filling their caught walleye with lead weights resulted in the two men pleading guilty to felony charges of cheating and a misdemeanor count of illegal animal ownership after they were found to have used weights to make their walleye catches appear heavier. Both men were sentenced to 10 days in jail, fined $2,500 each, had fishing licenses suspended for 3 years, and had to forfeit the boat used in the tournament valued at $130,000.

    We are sad to say, lessons in cheating have not been learned.


    According to, during the last weekend in July, a competitor in the Bart’s Cove Walleye Duel held on Lake Erie, was caught messing with walleye catch weights. This time found to have stuffed the walleyes for weigh-in with more walleye. YES, you that’s what you read. 

    On the line this time around was an all-inclusive fishing trip to Panama valued at $14,500. Small price to pay in our book, for the individual whose name we are leaving out at this time as the man is claiming “not guilty” has now been a headline across the outdoors world. At the weigh-in when the judge cut open two of the fish, the walleye were filled with smaller fish that had holes in their lips. Now we all know that fish eat fish, however, what really made it suddenly suspicious that this was another Cheater Scandal, was finding a 12” walleye that had 3” of its tail cut off before being stuffed down one of the walleye weighed. On top of that, the smaller fish inside of both walleye were not in any type of “digestive state”.

    The investigation is now in the hands of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and The Bend Show will be paying close attention to not just how this story ends but also how tournaments across the nation will adjust their rules and regulations moving forward.


    We’re all tired of talking about the excessive heat, but after an accident of a different kind and how technology is continuing to control our lives. Felt this here story was one that EVERYONE needs to be aware of… An Arizona man was recently trapped inside his Tesla after a HOT 110-degree Arizona day caused the car’s battery to MELT. Yes, Melt. The Peoria, Arizona man was then trapped in the car which quickly became an Oven as the internal temperature rose quickly. Since the battery was melted, the car’s doors would not open, windows could not be rolled down, and had to now to access the dead computer that runs the car. He was trapped for 20 minutes until his sister whom he called was able to save him by using the Tesla app to prompt the car to open the passenger door. ABC 15 Investigators dug into this a bit more, turns on the Tesla Owners Manual there is outlined a manual exit option on the Tesla in case a battery failure occurs. However, it sounds like there have been many complaints filed against the car manufacturer.

    Ya know, back in the day, one used to keep in their car a pointed hammer or tactical pen in the glove department to break windows in case a car landed in water… this might be the next gift to give that next Tesla owner you know.


Now we’re going to coin this segment an installment of Catch BEC If You Can… #catchBECifyoucan

Folks, there is plenty of summer left which is why BEC & Tigger’s recent travels will be spurring you into action too.


Tigger & BEC were both able to get off the place, however, were taken in separate directions. Something that rarely happens, as we are definitely usually two peas in a pod.


What piqued BEC’s interest and why chose the direction that she did was over the summer is that on the Ranch It Up Radio Show, Tigger had several interesting, fine folks from Home On The Range.

After hearing so much about what that organization does, giving youth hope at a second chance in life, and their biggest fundraiser was happening, The 67th Annual Home on the Range Champions Ride Saddle Bronc Match out in Sentinel Butte, North Dakota which sits on the edge of the Badlands. BEC knew where her truck was heading, it had to be checked out.


Now as for that Saddle Bronc Match… We will be sharing more on rodeo here down the road, as BEC was able to hang with the top Saddle Bronc Riders in the World, including the reigning Saddle Bronc World Champion & current leader World Leader, Sage Newman.. But that’s for another show, and YES – After all that alone, BEC definitely is still the Favorite Crazy Aunt BEC in our nephews’ books! But back to the road trip… as mentioned, since already visiting the Badlands, took in the historic small town of Medora, North Dakota which is a gateway to the famous Theodore Roosevelt National Park and home to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame. Wow. Gorgeous.
Lots of time was spent touring around this gem of a destination. The history is unbelievable! The family fun for all ages has us super excited to remind yall there’s still plenty of time to road trip! AND to add this part of God’s Country to your bucket list. 



After visiting Medora & the ND Cowboy Hall of Fame, more was learned than you can imagine. BEC was excited to be introduced to the television programming, “Dakota Cowboy.”

A great visit was had with Wild Bill Palunuk, the Media Director for the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame & co-host of the TV Show Dakota Cowboy, who is well-versed in everything there is to know regarding the Western culture, Cowboy heritage, and history of the Wild West including the influence it had on past President Theodore Roosevelt. Wild Bill and BEC can be heard in this episode and is a GREAT listen. You learn, be intrigued, and are guaranteed to be thirsty for more information about this area of the United States that is often overlooked… You will now have your eyes opened and heading your truck in that direction of the Badlands and the beauty of Western North Dakota too!



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